Fast & Secure Global Content Delivery! Be fast, wherever you need to be.

Your entire WordPress site’s content, JavaScript, CSS, images, files, video are placed on our global CDN network, so it loads as fast as possible for every visitor.

Our CDN has a worldwide presence that brings your content closer to your visitors using our high-speed CDN network’s edge locations, delivering your content using the fastest route possible with exceptional traffic shaping and edge technology.

Velocity’s CDN removes the obstacles between your content and your users by employing over 600+ ISP peering locations.

Content Delivery Network(CDN) Fast & Secure Global Content Delivery!

Website AccelerationImprove the performance of your WordPress website.

Full Site Acceleration

Our Full Site Acceleration platform brings together a massive global CDN and advanced dynamic content acceleration for your entire WordPress site.

Optimized Connections

Using big keep-alive timeouts, our Origin Shield eliminates TCP and HTTP bottlenecks by merging multiple requests from the same URI.

Automatic Fail-over

Each Origin Shield location provides equal load and fail-over for edge servers to ensure up-time and exceptional network connectivity.

Media & EntertainmentCaptivate your audiences with rich, crystal clear media.

Instantly deliver your HD videos

Delight your fans with the experience of a clean, crisp, fast loading video. Distribute your rich digital media over all major media and format types.

Immerse and captivate your audience

Whether your users are at home, work or on the go, you’ll be able to keep them entertained. As you grow your audience and increase your revenue.

Get reliable and stable video performance

No more waiting, lagging or disruptions. Get the highest possible quality stream for all of your fans and audiences.

Experience Instant Video with Velocity!Keep your visitors on your site! No YouTube!

See in HD Full Screen!

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