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Responsive Retrofit

Responsive Retrofit Velocity can apply mobile-friendly styling to your site in as little as one week.

Don’t lose customers to mobile-friendly competition!

As of April 22, 2015, Google now tests to see if your WordPress site is mobile-friendly when ranking it. Sites that are not mobile-friendly will start to lose ranking rapidly on mobile search results.

With over 50% of Google Searches now originating from mobile and other devices, your business cannot afford to have a website that isn’t mobile-friendly.

Fortunately, our Responsive WordPress Retrofit service may be available for your site. If your WordPress site is eligible for a Retrofit, Velocity can apply mobile-friendly styling to your site in as little as one week.

Responsive WordPress Retrofit

Basic Mobile Styling

Add Viewport Check to WordPress site to establish visitor’s screen size. Update site coding and CSS styling for mobile-friendly retrofit.

Mobile-Friendly Menu Integration

Retrofit a mobile and tablet friendly menu that is responsive and easy to use, while keeping you site's visual appeal.

Fast Turn Around Time

One week turnaround time for WordPress responsive styling and updates in most cases.

Pass Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

We Guarantee your WordPress site will pass Google's mobile-friendly test and we will submit your results to Google.

Can Your WordPress Site Pass Google's Mobile-Friendly Test?

Google has developed a tool to test your WordPress site, to see if it conforms to their requirements for mobile-friendliness. You can also contact our WordPress experts to schedule a free consultation to see exactly how your current site performs on mobile devices.