Accelerate Your Mobile Strategy

You need more than just a responsive website. Mobile apps make up over 80% of device time, we can help youincrease customer engagement using your current WordPress website.

Our mobile apps deliver an intuitive, interactive user experience utilizing your WordPress Website, posts, pages,login, custom plugins (membership, WooCommerce, etc), third-party APIs (like Facebook & Twitter, etc.),payments, media, and more

ios Android applications for WordPress
ios Android applications for WordPress

Your App in Days Not Months

We offer the fastest and easiest way to get your WordPress site into an app. By using your WordPress site as afoundation, it allows us to quickly to go from concept to finished app.

Velocity will help you develop the vision for your app, define the app’s requirements and workflow,and build the app and submit to iOS and Android app stores.

mobile app home page
mobile app sign in
mobile app navigation

Push Notifications
Send push notifications to yourapp through your WordPress dashboard. Schedule notifications when posts are published, send rich HTML,custom urls, and more.

Social Sharing, Facebook Login
Use native socialsharing for your posts and pages, and allow users to login to your app using Facebook.

Camera, Geolocation and More!
The AppCamera allowsusers to take photos and upload them to WordPress through your app, check-in at a location or display on amap with the Geolocation and much, much more!

If you have any questions or if you're ready to get started please contact us or request a quote.REQUEST A QUOTE