Velocity’s Shared VstackFully managed with unbeatable features, service, and support!

Our Shared Vstack is specifically designed for businesses who need a very high level of availability but don’t have a large IT budget.

Velocity’s Shared Vstack is perfect for WordPress sites that are not busy enough to need the increased hardware resources of our Enterprise Vstack but still would like to have access to enterprise-grade hardware and uptime.

Shared Vstack Fully managed with unbeatable features, service, and support!


Velocity optimizes your WordPress application on our shared Vstack hosting to give you the best performance possible. Using Google’s Cloud Platform and modern technologies such as Nginx and PHP-FPM, you can step up to a new era of WordPress performance.

Velocity Vstack

Unmatched Reliability & Performance! Our high availability, superior WordPress cloud architecture is fast, scalable and secure.

Google Cloud Platform

Vstack is built using Google’s Cloud Platform and is optimized for PHP and WordPress Sites!

NGINX Application Server

NGINX is a modern, secure, lightweight web server that has quickly become the most popular web server.

Asynchronous Web Serving

Velocity configures our Vstack with an asynchronous public-facing web server rather than a RAM hindered process-based web server.


Developed by Google, HTTP/2 multiplexes the transfer of web page resources so only one connection per client is required.


PHP's official FastCGI process manager, FPM, allows your site to scale up the number of PHP processes as demand increases.

Management and Services

Velocity’s Shared Vstack is a fully managed, you never have to worry about technical elements such as hosting, backups, plugin and core optimization, and updates as we manage all of it for you, allowing you to spend time growing your business and audience.

Fully Managed WordPress

Expert WordPress management includes updating WordPress and plugins, ongoing maintenance and optimization and daily offsite backups.

WordPress Optimization

Initial and ongoing WordPress and Search Engine Optimization. Website Health Check and performance recommendations and reporting.

SEO/SEM Services

During our initial setup we'll recommend and implement SEO/SEM best fit strategies. We'll follow-up with periodical reporting and recommendations.

Expert WordPress Support

We cover everything from hosting issues to plugin support to performance problems twenty-four hours a day.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our CDN includes full-site acceleration using advanced DNS technology. No more crazy CDN URLs!.

Marketing & Transactional Email

Creating, sending email from WordPress has never been easier! All-in-one email service that provides both marketing and transactional emails.


Velocity’s Shared Vstacks reside on Google’s Cloud Platform, the same secure infrastructure that Google uses for Search, Gmail and a host of other applications. Our cloud-based Web Application Firewall(WAF) and DDoS protection technology secures your WordPress site against malware, exploits and real-world threats.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Velocity’s WAF is an enterprise-grade web application firewall that was built to outwit today’s real-world threats, rather than yesterday’s theoretical problems.

DDoS Mitigation

Cloud based DDoS protection technology protects against SYN floods, UDP floods, volumetric attacks andother DDoS attacks.

Vulnerability & Exploit Scanning

We use the WPScan Vulnerability Database API to detect known WordPress core, plugins and code for vulnerabilities and exploits.

Proactive Updates

Proactive, timely updates to your WordPress core and plugins, increases security by patching vulnerabilities and fortifying against attacks.

Scraping Protection

Site and screen scraping is a threat to your business. Our WAF automatically distinguishes between automated agents and real human users.

Bot Protection

Bots account for more than 97% of web application attacks. Our behavioral and reputational algorithms block even the most sophisticated bots.

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