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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Over a decade of paid search experiance

Unlike other PPC management services that charge a percentage of your ad spend per month or call for long-term management contracts, Velocity has established an affordable program that is truly business-friendly.

We believe that our hard work and straightforward recommendations will keep you coming back for our PPC professional management services. We strive to provide return on investment you need.

Pay-per-click marketing can be extremely confusing so leave the headaches to us!

Pay-Per-Click MarketingMarketing gurus, multi-million dollar corporations, sophisticated computer algorithms, the competition is fierce and you need a professional to help!

Our Approach to PPC Marketing

With PPC marketing you are are competing against hundreds of PPC marketing professionals, multi-million dollar corporations, and sophisticated computer algorithms.The competition is fierce and you need a professional to help!

  • Learn

    We precisely learn who you are as a business, your current standing and where you want to end up. The more we learn, the better our ideas are and the greater we make your business. Our learning stage lets us discover and understand your marketing vision.

    A complete analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will become our outline for your entire PPC marketing project and a reference-point as we develop our PPC strategy.

  • Prepare

    During our preparation stage, we define all strategies that we will use to generate qualified paid traffic from trustworthy sources, and which types of media will be most effective.

    Our preparations include a customized PPC management strategy, competition analysis, timelines, reporting analytics and tracking to gauge success.

    Whether it is bidding on keywords, building targeted ad creatives or optimizing an ad’s position for ROI; our Velocity team will get your business the relevant traffic it needs.

  • Action

    During the action phase is where we will bring our big ideas into digital realization. This is where the rubber hits the road, and our path to PPC marketing success begins for your business.

    A huge part of PPC is testing. Testing multiple ads and landing pages, and optimizing the results is a constant process to keep your business at the forefront of search.

    Our continuous PPC marketing process keeps our ads relevant and insures they are reaching the right customers at the right time.

  • Measure

    At Velocity, we do not make any PPC strategy assessments without consulting the data first. With each interaction an individual has with a search engine and your website creates an enormous amount of collected data among various touch points.

    We use that data, our current strategy and results to make actionable decisions.

    Velocity is a full-service marketing agency; we can combine our PPC management services with our WordPress development and design, social media marketing services and enterprise delivery.

    Ready to see what your business has been missing? Contact Velocity today!

On Target Social & Search Marketing!

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Powerful & ScalableWordPress Hosting
Expert WordPressDesign & Development

On Target Social & SearchWordPress Marketing

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Robert Lane

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