Leading WordPress SecurityEnd to end proactive protection

Velocity’s Vstack cloud services reside on Google’s Cloud Platform, the same secure infrastructure that Google uses for Search, Gmail and a host of other applications. Your WordPress site security begins with the same Google Security Model.

Our cloud-based Web Application Firewall(WAF) and DDoS protection technology protects your WordPress site against SYN and UDP floods, volumetric attacks, bots, SQL injections, scraping and real-world threats.

Proactive security not reactive. We employ the latest fingerprinting technology for malware and exploit scanning, timely WordPress plugin and core updates, and full support for any vulnerability or exploit.

Leading WordPress Security Google’s Cloud Platform

WordPress SecurityProactive security of your WordPress website.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Velocity’s WAF is an enterprise-grade web application firewall that was built to outwit today’s real-world threats, rather than yesterday’s theoretical problems.

DDoS Mitigation

Cloud based DDoS protection technology protects against SYN floods, UDP floods, volumetric attacks andother DDoS attacks.

Vulnerability & Exploit Scanning

We use the WPScan Vulnerability Database API to detect known WordPress core, plugins and code for vulnerabilities and exploits.

Proactive Updates

Proactive, timely updates to your WordPress core and plugins, increases security by patching vulnerabilities and fortifying against attacks.

Scraping Protection

Site and screen scraping is a threat to your business. Our WAF automatically distinguishes between automated agents and real human users.

Bot Protection

Bots account for more than 97% of web application attacks. Our behavioral and reputational algorithms block even the most sophisticated bots.

Network SecurityAdvanced network architecture designed for security

Google Security Model

An end-to-end process, built on over 15 years of experience focused on keeping users safe on Google applications like Gmail, Search and other Apps.

Advanced Anycast DNS Services

Users’ DNS queries are served locally, which improves network security by offering multiple routes to your website and bypassing upstream obstacles.

Server and Software Stack Security

By allowing only web serving on our stacks greatly reduces our security footprint, allows us to react to threats faster and run apps at peak performance.

HTTPS by default

HTTPS (SSL) is required for all WordPress sites. A secure connection to your website ensures all data exchanged is encrypted thereby reducing abuse.

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